Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Girl Needs Some New Shoes ;)...!

TGIF.. YAY! My kinda day to treat myself to some shoes. I haven't been to my fav 'DSW' store in soo long but, i found out a lot of good shoes were going on SALE from 40-50% off, i had to look around. I had two picks to choose from and, there was THE ONE that caught my eye. (Down Below..)
YEP!... I treated myself to these was calling my name *___*
Black buckled wedge boots. [made from RAMPAGE]
[On sale for $35= heck yea!]

My 2nd choice was these cute ROXY Combat Boots but, they were a little snugged ;(. It's okay though because I have a pair of combat boots that look similar to these. Good luck to the next girl who buys these because they do rock.
Night on the town..


It was a perfect Saturday to wear this outfit. I love the fun pattern of black and, white colors... It's very holiday looking plus the best choice for a winter outfit. It's made fun and, very stylish. Sometimes I felt like i looked like a biker chic (hehe...Does anyone feel that way when it comes to leather? Black leather.. Blue leather.. oh well. I think it's the best. This jacket from BCF is still my pride n joy and, it always will be. I never get sick of it.