Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Sun Is Finally Coming Out ... In Jersey

1.Steve Madden Spiked Studded Clutch
2. Charming Charlie Tortoise Watch
3. Madden Girl Combat Boots
I'm so excited for the weekend to be here and show off my outfit & accessories! The time where I can enjoy the 4th of July sales as they are going outrageous everywhere ... I can't wait to hit the stores and, grab what I can.
I finally get to celebrate the holiday seeing the fireworks by the beach and, spend it with family & friends and, just have a good time for once. Relaxing and, not think of anything else but my time of fun and, being with my loved ones. If it get's very hot, I may change into my beach outfit depending if the weather changes due to so much rain we been having. The weather is no longer cold. It's officially warm as heck in Jersey and, we been getting periods of rain here and there but hopefully it won't change. As it gets much warmer, I jump right into my beach-wearing-dresses. It changes depending on my mood. Overall, I can't wait to start my holiday with some good ol' fashion fuN and, with all my loves ones.
What are your plans this holiday?  Unfortunately, the 4th of july won't be here until Thursday but it's a good start to plan your shopping spree and preparing for everything.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pop Of Camo

These past couple weeks have been long and, flying like crazy especially, the weekend has flown and now it's almost over. "So much to do, so little time I always say ..."

As I been a little behind on my blog for a while I been working on keeping tabs of my next upcoming shoot(s). Since the holiday is coming very soon, i'll be shooting my *new* 4th of July OOTD PLUS a trip out to the shores where i'll be seeing the fireworks and out to eat with my closest friends which i'm extremely excited about; I can't wait! Just need to get through the next 3 days before it's time to get my gear on and, P A R T Y (w o o t!)    

Basic Camo
+ Pleather Shorts For Summer





Friday, June 7, 2013

My Lil' Sunflower ✿



H&M (Black Fedora) | Target (Knit Floral Skirt)DSW (Combat Boots) | JCP (Basic White Blouse) | Steve Madden (Shades) | JCP (Tribal Necklace) | Khol's (Basic Purse)
Just a quick outfit post! This is one of those days just to get out of your homes and, take a long stroll around nature. Loving the green scenery. . Brings out so much fun into my shoots. . ;]. Luckily I finished before the rain showed. For real? Yes, it was going to be an awful dreary day if you can tell how cloudy it was. Perfect timing YAY! Fun day to wear all basic white and, black colors with a great spice-me-up with a few accessories. This is my kind of home.