Monday, February 18, 2013

Just a touch of. . . G O L D

I don't show much of shiny colors because i'm always in dark but, not like dark is a bad color (;p) It was a lousy monday and, i needed to do something to spice up my day. It was Presidents Day weekend and, sales are just outrageous right now i'll probably be shopping like crazy but, i always learn to save my spendings and try to say 'no i don't need it' hehe. . . So this is my OOTD and, I hope you enjoy it. ♡

@Vittani Shades

@Forever 21 Copper Gold Bling Top

@Forever 21 Pearl Cross

@Kohl's Gold Watch

@Marshalls White Blouse

@Marshalls Purse

@Target Destroyed Denim


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